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Octodad: Dadliest Catch - Classy Review

I'd make an Octopus joke, but I'm just not Blubthered........ I am very sorry.

Anniversary Podcast #2 2013-2014

Another year is gone and we have a jam packed episode to celebrate 2 years of the website

Shintai Reviews: Fable 3 (360.PC

This is a review of Fable 3 an action RPG published by Microsoft and developed by Lionhead Studios.

Tiger Claw Radio #123 - Tiger Bowl

Tiger Claw Radio #123 is up again! After a break pending a hospital visit, I'm back again. It's time for the Tiger Bowl! The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in a simulated grudge match! Grab TCR #123 now!

Cendoo - Sega Genesis Boxing Games Review remake

In this video we review every boxing game released for the Sega Genesis.

the Gaming Beast Reviews: Baldurs Gate

The Gaming Beast reviews this classic PC RPG gem from Bioware, which reinvigorated D&D themed video-games.

CJF's Favorite Couples

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Zookstar's Top 6 Animated Animal Villains

Well it's been a while since I actually did something on this site. I am continuing my Animated Animal Movie reviews but right now, I'm trying to get a life and be more productive in real life, so it may take time.

T-McBee's Favourites of 2013

The last thing I'll talk about my favourite things from 2013. Enjoy!

Amuia's Top 12 Video Games of all time

Amuia makes his first countdown video in honor of gexup

T-McBee's Top Dozen Video Games of All Time

To dedicate this list for Gexup's retirement and farewell on itstailtime.net, here's a list of my Top Dozen Video Games of All Time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

TheHande - The Beast Within Part 25: Das Grosse Finale

It's the final video of Gabriel Knight Week and the Finale of The Beast Within! Thank you all who stuck around through all the episodes and thanks to RetroKaiser for making it so hilarious.

Gaming Beast's Beastcast 49 - Game of Beasts

WARNING!!!! We discuss Major MAJOR SPOILERS about the latest Game of Thrones episodes, Captain America:the Winter Soldier and Agents of Shield. Watch those before listening to this. You have been warned!!!

In the longest Beastcast sofar, Lucifers Laywers and me sit down and chat about the latest in Game of Thrones, Captain America the Winter Soldier, Agents of Shield and lots of other stuff.

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